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Curve Ice Blue Lamp Curve Ice Blue Lamp

Introduced in spring 2017, the Maison Berger curve is a simple, elegant lampe to fit well into a modern home. The shading is delicate, just hinting at the grey colour

Our Price: £37.00 Inc VAT
Polygone Blue Lamp Polygone Blue Lamp

Maison Berger added two new colours to the polygone catalogue in spring 2017 - amber and a beautiful turquoise blue. They sit heavy in the hand and indicate quality. The density of the glass emphasises the depth of colour. To us they are reminiscent of the old ink-wells.

Our Price: £37.00 Inc VAT
Origami Blue Lamp Origami Blue Lamp

Succumb to the Origami trend with this fragrance lampe  to add a modern, original touch to your decoration. The design is particularly quirky as it can be stood on one of the side to sit at a jaunty angle.

Our Price: £40.00 Inc VAT
Urban Grey Blue Lamp Urban Grey Blue Lamp

Urban is designed by the same designer as the Haussman lampe. Available in three colours, clear, blue-grey and green, it hints at art deco.

Our Price: £46.50 Inc VAT
Lolita Lempicka Blue Lamp Lolita Lempicka Blue Lamp

For the first time Maison Berger has worked with a designer to recreate an existing fragrance. Lolita Lempicke is known for her quirky bottles, some of which sell for serious amounts of money. This one has been recreated in both lampe and diffuser format in two colours, blue and clear. The fragrance, which is her no. 1, comes with the lampe and the two are beautifully packaged together.

Our Price: £61.99 Inc VAT