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Geometry Grenadine Lamp Gift Set Geometry Grenadine Lamp Gift Set

The geometry lamp, also available in a diffuser format is based on the pentangle shape. It is available in three colours of laquered glass, each paired with one of the most popular fragrances in its gift set. Clear is paired with Zest of Verbena, black with Cotton Carress and Grenadine with Paris Chic, with the three diffusers in the same format.

Our Price: £36.00 Inc VAT
Ottago Red Lamp Ottago Red Lamp

Ottago first made its entrance as a Mothers' Day gift pack in solid purple and clear, but it has been given a new twist here with the colour beginning as barely in evidence at the top and gradually becoming more intense as your eye moves down the lampe.

Our Price: £40.00 Inc VAT
Passion Red Lamp Passion Red Lamp

Gold is the decor trend of the moment. Used here and there it adds luminosity and elegance to your decoration. The red Passion lampe topped with a shiny gold mounting will add a precius and glamorous touch to your interior.

Our Price: £46.50 Inc VAT
Resonance Papricka Lamp Resonance Papricka Lamp

Resonance was introduced in three colours for the autumn 2019 season, paprika, clear and violet.The form is gently angular and modern and the design is completed by a new gold mounting.

Our Price: £46.50 Inc VAT
Originelle Red Lamp Originelle Red Lamp

True to its name, the Originelle is based on one of the original Lampes Berger from the early 20th century. It was created in three colours.

Our Price: £61.99 Inc VAT