How does a Lampe Berger Work

How does a Lampe Berger Work

The Lampe Berger was first patented by French pharmacist Maurice Berger in 1898. It was designed as a purely functional item to cleanse the air in hospital wards. Later the little Berger lamps became known as ozonateurs and were sold in cigar shops. You bought your cigars and a device to remove the smell they left behind. It was only in the 1920s that it was realised that this little Lampe Berger was actually also a brilliant way to diffuse fragrance safely and efficiently. The company began working with designers such as Lalique and a new story began. Lampe Berger was now a lifestyle product. Today the company has various imitators but there is only one Lampe Berger, a quality product with a lifetime guarantee.

How do I set up and use my Lampe Berger

1.Place your on a stable surface away from any source of heat. Remove the openwork shade and the closed snuffer cap.

2. Fill your 1/2 to 2/3 full with a Parfum de Maison using the funnel supplied. Wipe the lamp carefully of excess fluid.

Do not overfill your fragrance lamp or you will flood the ceramic burner and the lamp will not work efficiently and may even go out.

3. Feed the wick fully into the neck of the then check to make sure the ceramic burner is properly in place. Place the snuffer cap on the neck of the lamp and leave the lamp to stand for approximately 20 minutes. This enables the fragrance to soak up the wick and into the patented Lampe Berger AirPur ceramic burner.

Your lamp is now ready for use.

4. Remove the snuffer cap and light the burner using a lighter or match. A flame will appear and may be several inches high. As the ceramic burner heats up the flame becomes smaller.

5. After 2 minutes blow out the flame and place the larger decorative openwork shade on the lamp.

Warning: Never place the openwork shade over the flame or touch the burner during operation.

6. Your is now operating. You will be able to feel the heat from the ceramic burner if you hold your hand above the shade and you will immediately be able to smell the fragrance given off by the lamp. It will begin removing the smells and bacteria from the air using a catalytic process. Run the lamp for 20 to 30 minutes.

7. When you are ready to stop fragrancing your or office, just remove the openwork shade and replace the snuffer cap. This will cut off the flow of oxygen to the lamp and end the catalytic process. Place the openwork shade back onto the over the snuffer cap.

8. The next time you want to use your , begin with step 4.

9. When you have used all the fragrance you should use a small amount of neutral to cleanse the burner of any perfume residue and extend its life.

10. You can then either return the rest of the neutral to its bottle or add your new Lampe Berger fragrance to the remaining neutral before returning to step 4.


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