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Lampe Berger Softy Black Fragrance Lamp

Also available in red. With a unique neoprene covering, it brings a modern feel to any home. Perfect for the kitchen.

Our Price: £30.00 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Ottago Black

Ottagp first made its entrance as a Mothers' Day gift pack in solid purple and clear, but it has been given a new twist here with the colour beginning as barely in evidence at the top and gradually becoming more intense as your eye moves down the lamp.

Our Price: £40.00 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Stone Black Fragrance Lamp

The Stone black catalytic lamp will add a natural touch to your decoration. Designed by Romain Duclos for Lampe Berger, it combines a mineral shape with a satin finish for a mellow and soothing atmosphere.

Height: 9cm - Volume: 335ml.

Our Price: £43.00 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Sphere Smokey Fragrance Lamp

This Lampe Berger shape is based on the lamps used in the cinema. It is very popular with our customers because the sight indentations are very eye-catching.

Our Price: £46.50 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Passion Black

Gold is the decor trend of the moment. Used here and there it adds luminosity and elegance to your decoration, Black moderatres the opulence of gold with sobriety and refinement. The black Passion lamp topped with a shiny gold mounting will add a precius and glamorous touch to your interior.

Our Price: £46.50 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Comete Limited Edition Gift Set with Subtle Almond Perfume

An elegant gift pack with a lustred finish to the black , art-deco inspired lamp. Supplied with a sensuous 180 ml subtle almond fragrance

Our Price: £46.50 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Opera Black Fragrance Lamp

The Lampe Berger Opera was first introduced as a gift set in purple, but has now made a dramatic entrnce in two colours, black is shown here, but it is also available in burgundy red

Our Price: £46.50 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Originelle Black

True to its name, the Originelle is based on one of the original Lampes Berger from the early 20th century

Our Price: £61.99 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Amphore Black

Our last one

Our Price: £74.00 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Feuillage

A porcellain lamp with gold patterning

Our Price: £85.50 Inc VAT
Lampe Berger Lumiere Black

Lumiere is a fabulous piece of limited art. A double layer of mouth-blown Bphemian crystal, hand cut and finished with a pewter mounting. Something to treasure

Our Price: £495.00 Inc VAT